Don’T Let The Sun Dim Your Highlights

As the warmer months approach, many of us update our look by going with a lighter or brighter hair color or more dramatic highlights. After all, it looks so beautiful when the sun hits it just the right way and makes it glisten. But spend too much time in that sunshine, and your summery shade could seriously fade.

Color protection is necessary if you're a frequent beach-goer, a park picnicker or the generally outdoorsy type. After you slather sunscreen on your skin, spritz your hair with Phyto Plage Protective Beach Spray. Olive oil extract, rosemary and other ingredients make this product perfect for hair that is-or potentially could be-damaged by the sun, salt water, or pool water. By creating a UV filter, the risk of color oxidation is decreased, and hair looks shinier.

It works on wet or dry hair, so for extra protection, bring it with you to spray it on throughout the day.