Is There Anything Chocolate Can’T Do?

It seems every time I read the news, there's some new health miracle attributed to chocolate. Apparently, it might help prevent cancer, ward off heart disease and lower blood pressure. And chocolate's not only good for you, it's also incredibly sensual. So doesn't it sound appealing to be covered in it?

Sounds messy, though, right? Well, not so much, thanks to 100% Pure Chocolate Mocha Body Scrub. Made with antioxidant-rich Belgian chocolate, cocoa butter and grape seed oil, this decadent scrub moisturizes, eliminates dry patches and leaves you smelling like an absolute treat. Plus, it has a touch of Hawaiian Kona coffee, so the caffeine increases your skin's circulation. You end up soft and scrumptious.

Personally, I've never been a chocoholic, but this might make me cross over to the dark side.