Injections For Fat-Melting And More

When it comes to fat-melting injections, you may have heard of Lipostabil, Lipodissolve, Mesolift, MesoSculpting, or MesoGlow. These treatments are all versions of mesotherapy, and they claim to address everything from stubborn fat deposits and cellulite to age-related concerns like wrinkles. But they all have two things in common: they're not FDA-approved, and there's no standard for treatment.

The differences among these procedures are most often found in the "meso-mix": the concoction of drugs, enzymes, vitamins and other matter that gets injected. While some purport that their mix does have standards, the bottom line is that no mix has been FDA-approved to determine efficacy and long-term safety. Another difference is how deep the cocktail is injected into the skin.

Although it has been used in France for more than 50 years, mesotherapy continues to be shrouded in controversy, and the medical community has yet to see a valid study regarding its effectiveness and safety. Studies are underway, though, so expect to hear more from us on breaking mesotherapy news.

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    I'm a 30yr. old woman, I'm 5'6 145lbs. I have an athletic build but I have had cellulite on the upper back of my thighs & feel I have noticed a little pudge on my belly. I have fair skin & I tend to bruise easily. I tried the mesotherapy injections in Dec 2006. I only had 1 treatment for the back of my thighs, & stomach. I did not choose to continue the treatments because I bruised horribly from the procedure. I'am disappointed with my results. It has been almost 1year since I had mesotherapy injections in my belly & back of thighs. The bruises on my belly have broken down & are merely noticable, but the back of my thighs I have noticable bruises that worsen the appearance of my cellulite because the bruises resemble dimples. I have tried the procedure that uses the suction, heat, & radio waves hoping that it would improve the circulation in the back of my thighs & promote the brusing to heal but after receiving 10 treatments I still have permanent bruising on my thighs. Buyer beware

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