A Convenient Travel Combo For Tame Hair

I initially purchased this brush-and-mirror combination so that when I traveled for business, I could free up some space in my carry-on. Over time, though, I've become very attached to my Sephora Pop-Up Travel Brush, and now, I find myself carrying it everywhere.

The compact two-in-one tool opens up to reveal a hair brush on one side (just push it up with your thumb to reveal the bristles) and a mirror on the other side. The bristles are as sturdy as any you'd find on a normal-sized brush. Once you've fixed your hair, a simple push of the bristles will collapse the compact into place. Excess hairs pop up and out, making it easy to throw them away immediately.

I've had my brush for two years now and despite (accidentally) being washed and dried with the laundry several times, it continues to keep my on-the-go life much more simplified.