A Boost Of Silicone Without Surgery

Who wouldn't want to give “the girls” a little boost? There are definitely more than a few shirts in my closet that I know would look better if I was just a little, well, bigger. Sure, I can buy padded or push-up bras, but they never really look completely natural, and they usually feel stiff and stuffed. So here's the solution, ladies: Flaunt's silicone breast enhancers.

A set of two will increase and sculpt your bust size in a sexy, flattering, believable way. And these aren't your ordinary gel pads-they come in different varieties and shapes to fit your every need: Beach, for bikinies; Flirt, for extreme cleavage; Glam, specifically to add volume to A and B cups; and Sculpt, for fuller-figured women. They're totally transparent and perfectly safe, so they can be used by anyone, anytime!