Maybe The C In Cellex-C Stands For Collins

Cellex-C has countless fans. One of those fans just happens to be the iconic Joan Collins, a prime example of just how beautifully a woman can age.

The admiration is mutual, as Cellex-C Cosmeceuticals has announced that Joan will be the face of an innovative new anti-aging product developed to make skin look up to 15 years younger. Obviously, such a powerful product is something any company would want to keep tightly under wraps until the time is right. That time will be May 2007, when Joan and Cellex-C will unleash it upon the U.S. For now, it's such a confidential matter that they haven't even released its name yet!

Between Joan Collins as its representative and all the secrecy, you know this has to be a great product. We'll tell you as soon as we know more!