Hot Lashes

In my opinion, traditional eyelash curlers are like death traps. I end up applying too much pressure, which results in lash breakage, or I end up poking myself in the eye. Regardless of how I approach it, I can't seem to get the desired outcome. I just end up frustrated and, sometimes, injured.

So how do gorgeous women like Jessica Alba, Lucy Liu, Eva Mendez, Jennifer Garner and Jennifer Lopez get nicely curled lashes without maiming themselves? They use the Curl Heated Lash Curler by Blinc.

Powered by one AAA battery, Blinc's lash curler is easy to use and keep clean, and it delivers consistent results every single time. I call this tool my “wow factor.” With or without mascara, my eyes look bigger and brighter.

Don't worry about excessive heat. Blinc's design ensures a continuously safe temperature.

To get the desired effect, you brush your eyelashes upwards while keeping the curler's heated comb surface pressed against your lashes for three seconds. It's very similar to applying mascara. This means no clamping down and no poking yourself in the eye. Your newly curled lashes will last all day. Add mascara and wait for the compliments to flood in.

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    Hi Blayne, I found their website ( and it appears that you can order directly from them. Regards, Kristina

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    Wow..when is saw this title I thought it was for the Hot Lashes curling system, my favorite. That is the one I am searching for. It was stolen from my luggage with several other items and I cannot find Hot Lashes. The best by far, the only one I used that had my eyelashes curled till the next day. I have not had good luck with these wand heated curlers... Help...Does anyone know of a store that carries..

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