Michael Kors' Latest Labour Of Love

I didn't know how much I loved tuberose until a few years ago when I discovered Michael Kors- his fragrance, not the man himself. His sexy scent is my favorite, ever. I scooped up all of its incarnations: the Leg Shine, the Glimmer Crème, you name it. And when he came out with a lighter version, I rejoiced-I had just moved to Florida and was wishing for something that would feel more delicate in the heat.

Once again, I will be forced (quite willingly, though) to purchase yet another presentation of my favorite fragrance; this time, a limited-edition set called Michael Kors With Love (not to be confused with Hilary Duff's fragrance of the same name). It features three roller-ball bottles: Eau de Toilette, Eau de Parfum, and Sheer. Thank goodness it's only $40, or else I'd go broke stocking up on it during its brief time in stores.