Sweet, Celeb-Worthy Scents

Faith Hill and Gwen Stefani may have nothing in common musically, but an independent fragrance company has turned them-and several other celebrities-into scent sisters. Fresh Scents by Terri is gathering an impressive following in the Hollywood set, thanks to its whimsical collection of perfumes.

NewBeauty staffers had the opportunity to try two Fresh Scents-Breathe and My Lulu. Breathe attributes its subtle scent to light musk and “white rain,” while My Lulu reflects “China rain,” gardenia and vanilla. Although some of the notes may seem familiar, we were all surprised with how virtually unrecognizable and new they become thanks to Terri Weitzman's fragrance-fusing instincts.

Other star-pleasing scents from her main collection include Oh Baby (China musk and pikaki), Zoe (light and sheer musks), and Dream (fig and vanilla).