Sit. Stay. Look Gorgeous.

I have an embarrassing problem. I'm a sweater. No, not the wool kind. When other people are cold, my face is having its own personal summer. My friend Lauren, who has the same problem, calls the most annoying part of our perspiration problem “The Sweatstache.” For some reason, sweat tends to build up right below our respective noses. It's there, my chin and my forehead where I have a major problem keeping foundation in place. I've tried foundations at every price, all in vain (in more ways than one). But I finally found one that doesn't budge.

As soon as I saw the drugstore display of Maybelline's brand new Superstay Silky Foundation, I lunged for it. I'm not even halfway done with my last foundation, which didn't stay in place and will remain nameless, but I needed something that would work; and at under $10, it was worth trying it immediately.

I'm normally “dewy” (understatement) by the time I leave the house in the morning, and the result is usually an awkward foundation-free area around my mouth. But thanks to the "coverage extender" half of Superstay (which is white, but becomes colorless when blended in simultaneously with the foundation itself), it didn't melt off my face! It offered great coverage without looking unnatural or cakey, and did I mention it was still there through the “glistening”? If you share Lauren's and my “sweatstache” woes, you simply must try this foundation.