Less Wrinkles In Just An Hour... From A Cream!

Have you seen IS Clinical's ad for Youth Complex that exclaims, “97 percent voted significant improvement in one hour”? Well we did, and we were intrigued, especially after reading all about Youth Complex's innovative blend of antioxidants, hydrators and IS Clinical's proprietary biotechnology that addresses signs of aging such as wrinkles and rough texture. So, when samples arrived, we wasted no time and promptly tried the product.

The first thing I noticed was that it smelled faintly like tea-which isn't a bad thing. The cream is more on the liquid side, and my skin drank it up almost immediately; and after five minutes, my skin was smooth as silk. And an hour later, my skin definitely looked better. Those fine lines around my eyes were plumped up, I looked rested, I had a dewy glow.