Start Wrinkle Care Early

My fellow 20-somethings may not feel the need to treat what they don't see, but I'm no fool. I've identified the beginnings of the lines that will drive me crazy in a few years. Or maybe they won't. I started using Nuxe Creme Nirvanesque two months ago because of its unique focus: first wrinkles.

This lightly fragrant cream is intended for the 25-to-30 crowd who want to do something about those first noticeable lines and keep future ones at bay.

Nuxe claims that their exclusive blue-lotus/poppy-seed complex, along with althea root, has the power to reduce skin micro-tensions, producing a spectacular smoothing and relaxing effect. The appropriately-named Calmosensine is said to produce a de-stressing effect through the stimulation of endorphins, while amaranth smoothes and softens.

After using Creme Nirvanesque for less than 60 days, I'm already pleased with what I'm seeing. The smile line that had formed around my Cindy Crawford-esque beauty mark is already less prominent, and my worry lines (I'm an infamous worrier) seem much less noticeable. Within minutes of its absorption, I love the way my skin feels.

The real test of Creme Nirvanesque's promises will come if, a few years from now, my currently product-phobic peers look wrinklier than me. I'll get back to you on that.