Foundation Perfection From A Machine

Remember those airbrushed t-shirts you could get way back when? They may not be in style anymore (were they ever?), but there's a new at-home use for the method behind those tees.

You may have heard about celebrities and news anchors using airbrushed foundation to achieve a flawless look. Janet Jackson insists on it for photo shoots. Now, this high-tech way to apply makeup is no longer limited to famous faces. Kett Cosmetics has made their quiet, lightweight airbrush system available to all.

The Kett airbrush system is quite the investment compared to other foundations: $359 for the Kett Jett, an airbrush (ranging from $75 to $160), and foundation at $25 per bottle. However, users swear by its inimitable results. Don't be scared off by the eclectic list of Kett Jett uses (wall murals and yes, t-shirts, too)-there's no finish like an airbrush finish.