A Do-It-Yourself Facial That Leaves You Glowing

There's something about using La Mer products- From the scent to the packaging, it's just so luxurious! So I didn't waste any time before trying The Radiant Facial. For the first step, I applied the Radiant Primer, which actually began to absorb before I was able to get the upper and lower pieces of the mask on my face. Although it was a little messy, I knew all that product was chock-full of La Mer's youth-boosting marine ingredients so I found myself wiping the excess not on a towel, but on my hands, arms and neck as well.

After eight short minutes, I had a healthy flush that looked like I had just come from the gym, and my skin was super soft and smooth. I felt a slight tingly sensation that made my skin feel vibrant and alive. I'll admit I was reluctant to throw away the used mask because it was still dripping with La Mer goodness that I felt horrible wasting. The instructions said to follow with Crème de la Mer cream for best results (natch), but I actually skipped that step since my skin already looked and felt so amazing. Hours later I still had a rosy glow, like I had just come out of a professional facial.