Plane-Friendly Product

With the FDA's strict guidelines for what you can and cannot board a plane with, I decided to take matters into my own hands and make my life a little easier.

Usually I travel with more products than I care to fess up to: a cleanser for morning and night and one for the shower, two types of moisturizer, astringent, toner, makeup remover and eye makeup remover, just to name a few. And, to top it off, I always risk the chance of something exploding. So for my last trip to New York, I picked up Klorane Makeup Remover Wipes and figured I'd give them a shot. I'll admit it, I was worried that the wipes would not clean my skin like my trio of trusted cleansers nor leave my skin feeling fresh and clean. I was convinced I would have to run to and replenish my daily beauty arsenal (only to ditch it back at the airport) but low and behold the wipes were fabulous! Not only do they come in a convenient, resealable pack (so they don't dry out) they totally erased any and every trace of makeup, dirt and oil. I used the wipes both morning and night and my skin was left feeling soft and even had a nice, healthy glow to it thanks to cornflower extract. No longer do I have to worry about having my beloved beauty products confiscated by airport security because these wipes do the trick.