Multiple Types Of Exfoliation In A Spa's Special Brightener

It's hard to break away from the kinds of products you're used to, but if something is uniquely effective, like ona BHA/enzyme soft micropolish, the results are worth the unfamiliar format.

This formula looks like plain old powder in its jar-it even comes with a scooper-but hidden in the little starch-based grains, which offer physical exfoliation, are a batch of brightening and chemically exfoliating ingredients: papaya enzyme, salicylic acid, licorice, wild yam, orange peel, burdock root, and more, all ready to boost a basic scrubbing experience.

It may be weird to add water to the powder in your hands, but you not only get used this Los Angeles spa's unique scrub, you start to relish it as you see clearer, brighter skin.