Creams Featuring Fat: The Anti-Aging Answer?

Regardless of the reason-external or intrinsic-wrinkles can be significantly reduced by a natural fat molecule, according to recent research.

A cream containing lipids, specifically a kind called phosphatidylserine (at 2% strength), was applied to the skin of both young and old participants. The young skin was exposed to UV light to mimic sun damage.

Researchers found that, in both the young UV-damaged skin and naturally-aged older skin, the lipid solution prevented collagen reduction and the increase of MMPs, enzymes that can destroy skin's structure. Additionally, the findings show that lipids can actually increase collagen in undamaged skin cells.

More research is required to confirm these findings, but there's no harm in including lipid-based moisturizers in your anti-aging regimen in the meantime. You may see all the proof you need.