The Skin Care Julia Louis-Dreyfus Packed for Her Post-Oscars Flight

Photo Credits: Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

The only thing that sounds more intense than a few weeks of pre-show style-planning, many hours of that-day glam, a walk on the red carpet, followed by a several-hours awards show is having to take the red-eye when it's all over.

But sources tell us that's exactly what presenter Julia Louis-Dreyfus is doing tonight once the Oscars end. After the ceremony, the 59-year-old has to get to the other coast to promote her latest film, Downhill, hitting theaters this Friday, and she's not going without her skin care.

As her go-to makeup artist of 25 years, Karen Kawahara, shares, for tonight's look, JLD arrived with clean skin, to which she applied Pause Collagen Boosting Moisturizer ($72). "Then, I massaged her face with the Pause Fascia Stimulating Tool ($115), which reminded us of an Elsa Perreti belt buckle. Julia said that the coolness of the metal tool felt really good on her skin. I found that it made the moisturizer penetrate beautifully. Julia’s skin looked really hydrated, and a little firmer and tighter, too.”

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While the show is still going on, Kawahara already has the post-ceremony carry-on—complete with Pause—packed for the press tour. “Gotta keep Julia’s skin looking good and hydrated!” she said.