We Haven’t Seen A Concealer With This Kind of Coverage in a Long Time

Photo Credits: LStockStudio / Shutterstock

When a brand launches a concealer named This Covers Everything (TCE), it should camouflage anything from blemishes and dark circles to every last bit of evidence of sleep deprivation. So when solutions-oriented brand Doll 10 signed up for the challenge with their Doll Skin T.C.E Treatment Concealer ($28), I was excited—and a little hesitant—to take it for a spin.

The first thing I noticed about the concealer is the very necessary cooling applicator tip (a must for early mornings or long nights) that instantly reawakens a puffy eye area. It also comes with a sponge, which should be used damp in order to help activate the brightening effect from the vitamin C. So far so good. 

The fireworks started once I applied it: Every blemish and hint of discoloration was covered in seconds, without any caking or creasing to be found. The color-correcting and illuminating claims made on the tube’s packaging all held up; my skin already looked better than it had in a long time. 

But the positive marks go beyond what I saw in the mirror. Not only does the pigment cover everything, but it treats it all too with its long lineup of botanicals and actives. Cucumber extract—along with the cool metal tip—de-puffs, vitamin C actually brightens and the proprietary Dermal Defense, packed with hyaluronic acid and aloe vera extract, plumps skin and repairs a compromised, dried-out barrier.

But don’t take my word for it—countless fans of the product have taken to Instagram to post their own “wow” moments. Scroll through to see some of our favorites before adding to cart.