Amorepacific's New 3D Mask Printer Proves That the Future Is Now

Photo Credits: Amorepacific

Last week, CES 2020 hit Las Vegas and, if you've ever been to a trade show or Vegas, picture it all merging together—times a million (almost quite literally as there's more than 2.9 million net square feet of exhibit space to walk). 

Besides being enough of a walking endeavor to short-circuit a FitBit, the very organized chaos is a serious glimpse into the future—think everything from cars that seem straight out of The Jetsons and cookware that counts calories to a mirror that shows how the back of your hair looks and AI tech that borders on mind-reading. 

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Yet, tucked away on the higher-floor suites of the Venetian hotel, Amorepacific set up shop to calmly unveil its cutting-edge introduction to the ever-popular mask category: 3D printing technology that can create a fully customized, completely tailored product.

I was super curious how they got the printer on the plane but, after sorting out the logistics, the R&D team from Korea (even the scientists from the brand's Future Tech Lab were there!) ran me through the very scientific-slash-skin-care basics: Via an app that can measure facial contours, the printer creates a hydrogel, ingredient-infused—that part is customized, too, and, no surprise, I needed something hydrating in the desert—perfectly-fitting mask in just five minutes.

The printing process is fascinating to watch: Little vials of the hydrogel quickly form a mask which, while it definitely doesn't look like the standard (is my forehead really that big?!), fits like a glove—to the point where someone wouldn't be able to tell you're wearing it. 

The printer will launch in Amorepacific's lab-based brand, IOPE, in its Seoul flagship store starting in April but—fingers crossed—the brand tells us that a U.S. debut will hopefully not be too far behind.