Hilary Duff's Post-Workout Snack Is the Most Relatable

Photo Credits: Michael Kovac / Contributor / Getty Images

We've all been there: feeling borderline ravenous after a tough workout, battling whether we should give in to our cravings or behave—even Hilary Duff. In a hilariously refreshing series of videos posted yesterday, the TV star hopped onto her Instagram Stories to chat with her fans in the most relatable of venues: the McDonald's drive thru.

"Guys, I just left the gym and I am very, very, very hungry—so I'm in the drive thru line at McDonald's," she said with a grin. "I've been thinking about it for days and I'm just doing it, OK?" But not before serving up a huge piece of advice: "They say you have, like, 45 minutes to burn through whatever it is you eat after your workout, so I'm getting McDonald's," she shared. 

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The 32-year-old actress, who recently announced she's coming back as her Disney Channel alter ego Lizzie McGuire, told Women's Health she swears by body-building workouts—think lifting and squatting barbells—instead of cardio after giving birth to her baby girl, Banks, last year. "[It's] such a different, more efficient way of working out,” she added. 

Back in the drive thru, after eating the raved-about burger, she—and her seriously glowy skin, likely thanks to her two favorite skin-care brands: La Mer and Odacite—did some explaining. "I normally make healthier choices after a workout," she adds, "but sometimes you don’t want to be healthy, and it feels good to be naughty—every once in a while!" We couldn’t agree more.