How Gloss Moderne's Kuen Rameson Finds Balance

Photo Credits: Gloss Moderne

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A successful run in wealth management gave Kuen Rameson a front-row seat to the launch of countless passion-fueled businesses. In 2011, she decided to launch her own. Gloss Moderne, a high-end, natural hair-care brand, delivers on a tall, long-ignored task: “There’s a disconnect between clean and luxury beauty—we should be able to have both.”

“I always get dermaplaning, microcurrent, and all of the red and blue lights!”

The clean lines and structure of Rameson’s cherished white Hermès Birkin inspired the branding for Gloss Moderne, an aesthetic similar to her own. “All of my clothes are black, white or gray.” The brand’s latest launch: a Detoxifying Treatment packed with charcoal. 

Jaris Ho / Getty Images

“While very contrasting, I love either meditating or working out. Both are extremely relaxing and meditative to me in their own way. And just seeing the ocean always brings me a sense of calm.”

Natural beauty isn’t just skin deep for Rameson. “I have drawers full of natural toothpaste, floss, mouthwash and tons of beauty products I’m trying.” A current standout: Dr. Nigma Beauty in a Bottle “for beauty from the inside.”