Cindy Crawford Shares Her Workout Routine for a Photoshoot-Ready Body at 53

Photo Credits: Jeff Spicer/BFC / Contributor/ Getty Images

Cindy Crawford is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. With her luscious brunette hair and perfect smile, it’s no wonder she was boosted into the modeling world at the young age of 18. Fast forward 35 years, and she's officially attained the label of Hollywood royalty and looks better than ever. 

So how does the A-lister keep her body looking runway-ready? Luckily, Crawford blessed our Instagram timelines just yesterday with a video of her working out in Malibu, tagging her trainer Sarah Perla. 

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The foggy mist didn't stop Crawford from getting her blood pumping on that Wednesday morning as she did some focused step-ups on a bench. Perla reposted the video, commenting that Crawford always works to get strong and feel connected with her surroundings. But the supermodel's fitness journey doesn't stop at exercise—she also sticks to a specific diet. 

According to Harper's Bazaar, Crawford has previously claimed that trending diets are not for her. Instead, She simply cut out “crap," (meaning anything processed) and it’s left her not only looking good, but feeling good. Crawford also notes this lifestyle includes exercising everyday, something that helps her achieve a healthier mental space, while she bumps some energetic music or listens to an audiobook.