Treat Your Entire Eye Area With This Anti-Aging Cream

Let's Just Get to the Point:
A one-stop-shop for more youthful eyes, this multi-tasking cream uses stem cells to treat crow’s feet, but also helps enhance your lashes and brows.

If You Want to Know More:
Here’s the bad news: The skin around your eyes is the thinnest on your body, making it the most susceptible to damage, and where signs of aging show up first. The good news? That also makes it the area where you’ll most quickly see the benefits of using any kind of topical anti-aging products. That’s exactly why incorporating a dedicated eye cream into your regimen is a smart skincare move…especially when it’s a multi-tasking formula that can also treat your brows and lashes. Enter the FactorFive Eye/Lash Cream ($149).

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Let’s talk about the skin part first: The star ingredients in this anti-ager (and all of this brand’s products) are human stem cell growth factors. It may sound a little strange, but stay with us. The stem cells in our body produce growth factors, which play a large role in keeping our skin healthy and youthful. As we age, the amount of stem cells and growth factors declines.  This cream adds them back in, helping to promote more collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, and, ultimately, making your skin cells act more youthful.  And yes, while the ‘human’ part can be a little unnerving, these growth factors are ethically and safely sourced from human adipose derived stem cells—AKA stem cells from fat that’s left over after liposuction procedures.

But it doesn’t stop there. Lashes and brows also get thinner and sparser as we age, so this also contains biotin and redensyl, an ingredient that targets hair growth at the cellular level. (Plus, who doesn’t want longer lashes and thicker brows??) Also nice: Unlike some other lash/brow growth products, there’s no risk of this changing your eye color.

I, for one, would absolutely like fewer crow’s feet and longer lashes, so I loved that this cream combined both benefits. The instructions say to apply it around your eyes and rub into the base of your lashes, which did make me a bit nervous; I wear contacts and have sensitive eyes to begin with, so that sounded like a recipe for irritation. Happily, that was not the case. The cream is lightweight and absorbs quickly, always a plus, and even when I rubbed it directly into my lashline, it didn’t sting or burn at all. I did find that my mascara got a bit smudge-y when I applied it over the cream—you’re also supposed to work the product into your brows, so using any kind of brow pencil after was tough—so I chose to use it at night only. While it says that it takes four weeks to see results (both for skin and on brows and lashes), I noticed some nice changes after just a few days. My skin looked smoother, and brows and lashes ever-so-slightly thicker…hey, I’ll take it. For fewer lines around your eyes plus pumped up lashes and brows, this multi-tasking cream is the way to go.

  • Margaret
    Posted on

    Love FactorFive, noticed results in just a few weeks. Will continue to use,,

  • Jordan
    Posted on

    Great eye cream for under eye area, dark circles, and crow's feet. Seems like it gives a bit of a lift to the whole eye area. Getting longer lashes and thicker brows was a nice bonus, esp from a cream!

  • Dorine Fournier
    Posted on

    This is the ultimate eye cream! Less wrinkles and longer eyelashes-yes, please!

  • Holly
    Posted on

    I have been using Factor Five for over a year and I love it! I have noticed visibile improvements and it is also really gentle for my sensitive skin which has reacted to other brands in the past.

  • Tabby
    Posted on

    I absolutely love love love FactorFive products! Over the course of just a few days, I noticed my skin starting to clear and firm up. It is easy to apply & I usually apply in the evening after cleansing. In the morning I wake up with a smoother and brighter face. Highly recommend for all skin types!

  • Ash
    Posted on

    I’ve been using this cream as well as their serum and I swear by it. Not only does my skin appear plumper and smoother it also helped with my previous sun damage. I even got my husband using it after he saw the difference. Out of all the new stuff out there this is definitely the one to try.

  • Michelle
    Posted on

    I've been using this product for a few months and loving the results. Noticed some brow and lash growth and my crow's feet definitely seemed to have lessened.

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