These Ultra-Chic Lipsticks Are Finally About to Hit Drugstore Shelves

Makeup collaborations with high end designers are genius—after all, they make luxury products affordable and accessible to a mass audience. We’ve seen it with essie, Shu Uemura and Lancôme, but now L’Oréal Paris is bringing Parisian style to the mainstream market.

The drugstore brand is launching a makeup collaboration with French fashion designer Isabel Marant. Fortunately, the limited-edition collection will include five different makeup products for the lips, eyes and cheeks.

"This is a collaboration that’s really of the moment: synonymous with Parisian elegance," L’Oréal Paris global brand president, Pierre-Emmanuel Angeloglou, says in a press release. "Isabel Marant is one of the great self-made designers today. Absolutely true to herself and her independence, she’s the perfect partner for the brand, in our drive to make every woman around the world feel worth it."

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Even though the Marant-girl aesthetic is laid-back, cool and natural, there are seven bold, matte lipstick shades that are anything but expected.

"My woman is always quite natural and not wearing so much makeup, but at the same time she pays a lot of attention to herself and she likes to play and enjoy life," the designer told Harper’s Bazaar. "I think there are certain occasions where you are very happy to wear a red lipstick."

Her favorite product in the new collection is a certain shade of red lipstick that she says you can’t really find anywhere else.

"When I don't feel good or I have dry skin in the winter, I love using a very bright lipstick," she says. "It's kind of like buying a nice pair of shoes; when I buy a nice lipstick it makes my day."

As for the packaging, Marant tells Vogue UK that the big white print on a black backdrop was inspired by her "cowboyish" Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. As for the names Smile (for the lipsticks), Smoke (for the eyes) and Wanted (for the mascara), they're just meant to be fun, humorous and a lift-me-up for the women who shop and use them.

This highly anticipated collection will launch later this month on September 19.