Macy’s Is Now Offering a Beauty Product Never Seen Before at Mass Retailers

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Swinging by the department store beauty counter to pick up a new lipstick or teeth whitening product is a given, but Macy’s is taking the smile category one step further. As reported by WWD, the retailer is launching SmileDirectClub into one hundred stores, proving that they view teeth straightening as another off-the-shelf beauty option to offer their consumers.

SmileDirectClub, a doctor-directed at-home regimen, has billed itself as a disruptor in the $11-billion-dollar orthodontics industry. Along with similar companies such as Candid Co. and Orthly, SmileDirectClub offers invisible aligner treatments to patients using a direct-to-consumer model at a price that’s a fraction of traditional orthodontics. These services remove in-office visits, replacing them with at-home impression kits, remote doctor monitoring, mobile apps, virtue dashboards and online support groups. Compliance and safety measures are largely left to the user’s own responsibility—a point that’s received a fair share of criticism. But the popularity of these “smile subscription services” prove that remote tele-dentistry isn’t exactly going anywhere.

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SmileDirectClub’s partnership with Macy's will now make at-home smile makeovers accessible to an even wider audience. Smile Kits exclusively created for Macy's, will retail for $79 and contain small, medium and large sizing trays and a teeth-whitening gel. After purchase, users register their kit at and will be overnighted an impression kit in their desired size to make molds that will be used to create the individual’s plan. A full SmileDirectClub regimen costs $1850 as a one-time payment or $80/month for 24 months as a subscription plan.

“We are so pleased to offer the new Smile Kit at Macy’s, bringing a fresh and unique category to our beauty floor,” Nata Dvir, Macy’s general manager of beauty, tells WWD. “Through our partnership with SmileDirectClub, we are able to give Macy’s customers another avenue toward achieving a holistic approach to beauty–and access to a better smile at an affordable price point.”

  • Sarah V.
    Posted on

    Way to go Macy's! Fantastic idea, satisfied customer here. The dentist actually reviews your impression remotely and determines if you're eligible before they send you your treatment. I am so happy I did it!

  • Peter Mondavi
    Posted on

    Terrible idea. That is why Macy's is going down. One bad idea after another. More store will be closing after they get sued by unhappy customers.

  • Adrienne
    Posted on

    Wow. How embarrassing that Macy's characterizes orthodontic treatment as a "beauty" service. Like--I don't cut my own hair and hair grows back!! I pay a professional because that's what they are trained to do. You're going to straighten your teeth without even having the benefit of a doctor overseeing it? Because orthodontists go to college, then dental school, then additional years of school to specialize in moving teeth...because, guess what? If you don't carefully monitor these precise movements (a background in biology and bone resorption/deposition is crucial) then you could lose your teeth and/or end up with MAJOR bills for implants/bone grafts/extensive orthodontic treatment. Good luck with the lawsuits, Macy's...and lord help the people who get suckered into using this "beauty product" by some slick advertising and the promise of savings.

  • Barb
    Posted on

    Wow. Horrible idea. I feel bad for the people who will be ripped off and may lose their teeth in the process

  • Amitabha LALA
    Posted on

    God bless America and Macy’s

  • Alex
    Posted on

    This should be illegal. It’s practicing dentistry without a license. People are going to need gum grafts left and right.

  • HEM
    Posted on

    Macy' are better than this. Come on!

  • Phil Cap
    Posted on

    I hope Macy’s ups their insurance because they are now vicariously liable.

  • Theo W
    Posted on

    Good Lord and good luck!

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