This Mega-Popular Brand Has Officially Left Sephora

Update June 12, 2018:

It's official: The Ordinary has officially removed its products from Sephora. "The Ordinary is no longer available at Sephora," a spokesperson for Sephora told Allure in a statement. "While it is disappointing that Deciem has decided to change direction, we remain committed to evolving our unrivaled range of skin-care products to meet the needs of our clients."

While Deciem's CEO, Brandon Truaxe, hinted that The Ordinary would be soon joining Ulta, it hasn't landed on the mega-retailer's shelves just yet. One search on Ulta's website reveals that The Ordinary isn't available at the moment, but we'll be sure to update this post if it finally does join Ulta. 

Original Post May 1, 2018:

After a short stint in Sephora, the popular beauty company Deciem—which houses brands like The Ordinary and Loopha— may be moving on from the retailer and joining Ulta instead. According to a comment on Instagram, Deciem experienced payment issues with the mega-store, leading it to seek out other selling options, Allure reports.

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"We are leaving Sephora due to payment issues but will launch online and in stores with Ulta and Douglas 'imminently,'" the comment, written by CEO Brandon Truaxe, revealed. Deciem launched at Sephora in December 2017, so this abrupt announcement is rather surprising for the brand, and possibly a bigger loss to Sephora than many would think considering how viral The Ordinary's skin care products have become over the past year.

While Deciem has previously announced it will be expanding into Douglas—a European retailer—in the past, this is the first it's mentioned possibly leaving Sephora. However, it's important to note that the brand's CEO has frequently been in the news lately for his erratic social media behavior and some pretty drastic business claims, so we should all take his words with a grain of salt until the company makes an official statement.

Nevertheless, while this news isn’t necessarily set in stone just yet, the most surefire way to continue buying Deciem is to order from the brand’s website. Stay tuned for an official confirmation and additional updates. 

  • betty boop
    Posted on

    LOL-who cares if he is a moron, most of the products work and live up to their claims. I could care less if his personality is irritating or rude. Rather spend $15 on something that actually works, than $80 on an over hyped bottle of diluted ingredients and has a fancy label.

  • JJP
    Posted on

    I too won’t be buying from TO anymore with the CEO rude and insulting erratic behavior. U

  • beautyfan
    Posted on

    "erratic" is an understatement, he insults his own customers on instagram, displays a very petty, narcissistic side of his personality which is very off-putting. I used to love and trust the Deciem brand but the company instagram is a definitely TURN OFF. The CEO appears to think he is a celebrity or an interesting enough character but really just seems to be a show off, spoiled rich guy. Boring.

  • CEO
    Posted on

    Should we or can we trust products efficacy, quality, and safety from a company with a CEO that is showing "erratic social media behavior" and making drastic business claims"? Perhaps I'm reading this wrong, but kinda concerning behavior. ?

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