Christina Aguilera Shows That Freckles Are Her Best Accessory

Photo Credits: Michael Loccisano / Staff/ Getty Images

When Christina Aguilera sings "you are beautiful in every single way," it's hard not to believe her. Just one glance at her most recent look it's easy to see that the 37-year-old singer really is truly beautiful, even with very little to no makeup on. Embracing a more understated look, she's posted a series of photos that show her stripped down sans makeup, lashes and the usual glam accoutrements. Leaving it all behind she reveals a unique feature not often seen under her usual glam look—a slew of enviable freckles.

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Aguilera's recent makeunder came courtesy of Paper Magazine's latest cover, which shows the star bare-faced and looking younger than ever. Although she says she embraces being able to strip it all down and appreciate herself as is, she was quick to note, ""I mean, I'm a girl that likes a beat face, let's not get it twisted." 

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But now, post her cover shoot, it seems the star is more comforatble showing her freckles and going makeup-free. On a recent Instagram post that shows her love of piercing, she again goes makeup-free, only adorned with the hard to miss freckles that seem to give her a youthful glow. This stripped down version of Xtina, freckles and all, is just as memorable as the Dirrty, Lady Marmalade and Burlesque versions of Xtina we know and love.