Lush Body Lotion's Unexpected Side Effect: Completely Clearing Up a Terrible Case of Baby Eczema

Photo Credits: LUSH

You know how some body lotions sit on the top layer of your skin and don't actually quench dry, rough areas, but rather leave you with a greasy residue? Well, not Dream Cream. One of Lush's top-selling body lotions, this cocoa butter–based formula has quietly been working wonders for years, but now it's in the spotlight, and big time, thanks to one mother's viral Facebook post.

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Sarah Rudd, mother to four-month-old baby Cash, took to Facebook last month to ask the community if they have any recommendations for treating her son's eczema, which he's "struggled with since birth." One "friend" commented, "I’m gna go get u some dream cream today at lunch Hun to see if that works." And four weeks later, it looks like it not only worked, but worked miracles. Rudd writes in her caption: "It's transformed his skin and he's now completely and utterly eczema free." Check out the before-and-after images of Cash in Rudd's post below.

Because of this post, which received nearly 50,000 shares on Facebook, Dream Cream sales skyrocketed and the product sold out within 48 hours (it's back in stock now). It's important to note however, that although baby Cash's results are dramatic (and there are many other "miracle" claims in the product reviews on the brand's site), it's not a guaranteed antidote for everyone suffering from eczema. One reason it may work so well at treating the condition? It contains chamomile oil, which contains a high concentration of azulene, a natural component that's commonly used to calm skin irritations and redness

Dream Cream ($30 for an 8.4 oz tub) is also vegan and formulated with oat milk (another known skin soother), olive oil and lavender, which gives the lotion its soothing, herbal scent. Plus, a little goes a long way, so you don't need too much to get smoother, softer skin in no time!