For Dewy, Luminous-Looking Skin, This $9 Foundation Takes the Cake

Let’s Just Get to the Point:
An affordable, skin-enhancing—not covering—foundation exists, and it lives in your drugstore’s beauty aisle. Infused with coconut derivative and SPF 15, one layer of wet n wild’s Mega Cushion Foundation ($9) doesn’t hide your glow, but enhances it, all while protecting it and leaving behind the perfect amount of coverage to finally nail that "your-skin-but-better" makeup look.

If You Want to Know More:
The matte-skin trend has totally had its 15 minutes of fame, but dewy, healthy-looking skin is here to stay. Instead of applying a radiance-boosting primer before your foundation and a crazy amount of highlighter to fake a glow, which can too easily end up picking up disco-ball vibes, this affordable cushion compact does all the work for us in a fraction of the time.

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It’s water-based, meaning it hydrates your skin while you apply it, vegan and dermatologist-tested so it won't signal a skin freak-out and takes the mess factor out of applying on the go. Available in eight shades, ranging from a light ivory to a rich tawny, one layer of the compact is ideal for achieving a lightweight luminous finish (hello, spring). For heavier coverage, just bounce the applicator over your skin and blend.