The Next Generation of Obagi Products Is Here

Let’s just get to the point:
The name Obagi is synonymous with high-powered, results-oriented, medical-grade skin care products. Superstar products like the Nu-Derm system and the doctor-administered Blue Peels have been dermatologist go-tos for years, and for good reason. Now, there’s a new line of Obagi products that women (and men) are destined to fall hard for.

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If You Want to Know More:
The newly launched SUZANOBAGIMD line fuses powerful ingredients with effective formulations to address skin concerns that even the most sensitive complexions deal with. There’s a heavy emphasis on creating clean, healthy skin and doing it with a full line that tackles everything from lines and wrinkles to sun damage and even skin that boasts a rough texture. A blend of heavy-hitting, age-reversing ingredients (retinaldehyde and polyhydroxy acids are major here), antioxidants and naturally derived botanicals are fused together in seven unique products—there’s everything from wipes and sunscreen to cleanser—to make perfect skin that much more attainable.