Drew Barrymore’s Latest Hair Transformation Came Just in Time for Spring

Photo Credits: Jim Spellman / Contributor/ Getty Images

Hair envy is real. The latest target: Drew Barrymore, who flaunted fresh blond locks while promoting season two of Santa Clarita Diet on the TODAY Show. The golden shade was first debuted on the red carpet Monday—she was photographed with costars Skyler Gisondo and Timothy Olyphant—but we were able to get a better look at her color on-screen (check it out for yourself, here).

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Our field notes: The actress’ roots are still dark—a classic way to keep new growth from looking stark and a dye job from looking like, well, a dye job—but her lengths are pure gold and even have a bit of platinum to them at the tips.

It’s definitely a shift from her classic bronde (a mixture between brunette and blond), and it’s unclear whether this is her new normal, but the buttery blond sure screams “spring” and we can’t get enough of it.