The FDA Is Now Investigating This Popular Shampoo Brand For Causing Hair Loss and Scalp Sores

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Updated Post August 24, 2018:

After hundreds of women across the country claimed the hair care line Monat caused hair loss and scalp sores, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally stepping in to investigate the accusations, ABC News reports. After inspecting Monat’s manufacturing plant, the FDA recently released a report that said Monat cosmetics were “prepared, packed, or held under insanitary conditions whereby it may have become contaminated with filth," which an FDA legal expert explains is only a minor violation. Additionally, the FDA took samples of Monat products for further testing. We’ll be sure to update this post once more information is released.

Original Post March 13, 2018:

The popular MONAT hair care line promises "vibrant, healthy" strands and the opportunity to run your own business via a direct sales/social marketing model but, as one Las Vegas woman is claiming, it comes with a whole lot of less-than-desirable results. 

"I took a picture of my hair, compared it to a picture of before I stared Monat, and my eyes just filled up with tears. It was so thin and it was stringy and I was just sick," Erin Ostby told KTNV Las Vegas

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Other customers are also claiming pain, redness, bald spots and even open sores, and KTNV says three recently filed class action lawsuits accuse the brand of "fraud and deception." In addition, the FDA and Better Business Bureau are currently assessing various complaints. 

In regards to the allegations, a MONAT spokesperson told us that the company is aware of the reports and is "disappointed in its unfairness to MONAT and to the thousands of market partners and customers who have successfully used the products over several years. The reporters involved are taking the word of people who have provided no substantiation of their claims in spite of the fact that millions of satisfied consumers continue to use MONAT products safely and effectively."

"There has been no verification of any of the reports attacking MONAT, nor has there been any analysis of our products that indicates they are harmful in any way. In fact, all MONAT formulations have been clinically tested for safety to ensure they do not promote irritation or allergic responses. All MONAT formulations use ingredients that both the FDA and European Commission considers safe for their intended cosmetic purpose."

The spokesperson also stressed that they're taking any adverse reactions to the products seriously and have tried to get in touch with the individuals who have made the allegations. 

"So far, they have refused to talk with us or to provide evidence of their claims."

  • Gab
    Posted on

    Been using it for 16mo and I love it! I don’t think anything is one size fits all. People have allergies and such. But it’s been great for me! Especiallly when my daughter was born.... The difference in the amount of hair lost was noticeable! So much less shedding. Again, I know that one product won’t work for everyone, and I’m not saying that people didn’t have issues, but I don’t think this company is the devil that people are making it out to me. I’ve always had really wonderful correspondence with customer service and they’re taking care of my issues quickly and professionally.

  • LeslieB
    Posted on

    My heart breaks when I hear stories like these. Trust the tried and true. Don't keep looking for a magic bullet that will make your hair the way you think your hair should be. Eat a healthy diet, take care of your scalp and embrace your hair for what it is for you. And, understand that companies pay beauty bloggers to showcase their products (this is a form of advertisement); many reviews are promotional, paid-for propaganda and people downright lie. Good luck to everyone!

  • Downtowntiger
    Posted on

    I have used this product very successfully for a year and a half. My hair has doubled in thickness. This is the best my hair has ever looked. My very white hair is even turning darker. I’m sure that a few people have had issues, as everyone has unique body chemistry. For so many others, these products are miracles.

  • Darcy
    Posted on

    The product seemed great the first couple Months with the exception of a ton of shedding. I was told this was a normal detox process of "ridding out"'clogged hair follicles. I kept going because I did like what it did for my color and shine. Than, I realized new growth wasn't that at all- it was breakage. My hair and thinned out at least 40%. I have cut off about 6 inches of So but even without product use the damage seems to persist. I was suffering from horrible night sweats, which I chalked up to early menopause, but since stopping the product that has resolved. Some people claim it has done wonders for them, a lot of people have also experienced many side effects similar and worse than mine. Buyer, please do your research- be informed, both of the good and bad, before you change your hair care regime.

  • Anonymous
    Posted on

    Would you like to see pictures of my scalp sores? And the report from my trichologist showing my hair breakage? Oh...and how about the dermatologists report from my daughter whom I gave this garbage product to.

  • Shannon
    Posted on

    It is outrageous that the spokes person can claim that no one has reached out to them to report their claims or provide evidence that adverse reactions have occurred. Five class action law suits in the states and one in Canada suggests there is a different story and as they are all publically available to review the proof if the reporting of adverse reaction are included. There is no doubt that this product can work very well for some, however that in no way minimizes the very real reactions some of experienced.

  • Amanda
    Posted on

    You are wrong Erica. Wen lost a lass action lawsuit for hairloss. Look it up.

  • JB
    Posted on

    My experience with Monat was absolutely terrible. I have read hundreds of stories similar to mine on facebook. My hair broke, fell out, and I had some crazy hormone type problems that others are claiming as well! Hot flahshes, night sweats, migraines. I don’t think it’s all a coincidence! It can take a while to figure out what this stuff is doing to you! Took me months. I thought my hair was falling out bc of my health but it was the shampoo.

  • Norma
    Posted on

    Funny how they say they have tried to contact people who have had issues but no one will talk to them. A person can’t get them to answer an email so it’s pretty difficult to talk to someone who won’t reply to emails.

  • Norma
    Posted on

    Funny how they say they have tried to contact people who have had issues but no one will talk to them. A person can’t get them to answer an email so it’s pretty difficult to talk to someone who won’t reply to emails.

  • Sam
    Posted on

    This company is garbage. I was an MP and I’ll vouch the products don’t work. The initial 30 days ropes the person into believing the products work and get them recruited to sell more. Once they’ve already sold themselves out to friends and family, they can’t go back so they have to keep trucking forward with the lies. Only people who can admit they’re wrong have spoken out.

  • Erica
    Posted on

    They said this about WEN, too, but nothing was ever substantiated. Why publish such stuff unless it has been scientifically studied?!

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