There’s Now a Toy for Pimple-Popping Fanatics

Photo Credits: smakashin/ Shutterstock | Image Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

As if there wasn’t already enough out there for Dr. Pimple Popper fans—tools to purchase and a TLC show to watch­—now there’s a toy they can play with to further indulge in this grossly satisfying obsession with popping pus-filled pimples.

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Pop It Pal is a toy that lets users squeeze fake pimples that are filled with fake yellow pus. It was not created by the Dr. Pimple Popper brand, but was designed by Billy and Summer Pierce with Dr. Sandra Lee’s fans in mind.

The $20 kit comes with the "skin" base, one pus refill and a tool to help fill it. The base comes in two colors, peach or brown. If you run out of puss, you can get a new bottle for $6.

Now, not only are you able to look at images of a popping pimple, but this toy allows you to feel the satisfaction of squeezing one out without actually damaging your skin. So if anything, there is at least that small added skin care benefit.