Kate Middleton’s Hairstylist Reveals the Exact Products She Uses

Photo Credits: Karwai Tang / Contributor/ Getty Images

This week, Kate Middleton and Prince William are heading to Sweden and Norway for a royal tour and as usual, all eyes are on the regal couple. No surprise here, but everyone is in awe at how amazing Kate Middleton looks, particularly in the hair department thanks to her private hairstylist, Amanda Cook Tucker.

Luckily for us, Tucker just revealed all the must-haves she uses while on tour with Middleton, and honestly, there's a lot. On a post uploaded to her private Instagram account, Tucker packed a grand total of 13 brushes, six combs, two hairdryers, three hair tools and seven styling products, People reports.

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Interestingly enough, most of the products packed are rather affordable (some less than $10!), with Charles Worthington’s Volume and Bounce Texturising Spray ($10), Boots Essential Maximum Hold Unperfumed Hairspray ($3) and L’Oréal Elnett Supreme Hold Hairspray ($12) being a few of the less expensive products. On the other hand, the Kiehl’s Créme with Silk Groom ($24) and the Diva Professional Styling Intelligent Digital Argan Tong ($70) are two notable products clocking in as the more expensive items used.

Unforunately, it appears that we won’t be getting another sneak peak at the products behind Middleton's look anytime soon—Tucker seems to have deleted her Instagram account since news of the photo leaked.