This Under-the-Radar Product Gave Kaley Cuoco an 'Instant Eye Lift' Before the Golden Globes

Photo Credits: Shutterstock

The under-eye area can be particularly hard to de-puff and smooth, but with important events like the Golden Globes requiring celebrities to look their very best, it’s a top priority for makeup artists to ensure their clients look flawless before they hit the red carpet. Luckily, they have quite a few tricks up their sleeve to get the job done. For the Golden Globes this year, celebrity makeup artist Jamie Greenberg revealed her favorite way to prep her clients' under-eye area, and all it takes is 20 minutes to work.

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According to a post on Greenberg’s Instagram, she used the Nerium International’s Eye-v Moisture Boost Hydrogel Patches ($55) to give Kaley Cuoco the appearance of an instant “eye lift."

Once Cuoco’s skin was prepped, Greenberg used the Cover FX Natural Finish Foundation in G50 ($42) to create an airbrushed look across her entire face, including her under-eyes. So, the next time your under-eye bags are looking bigger than usual, give these products a try—after all, they’re already red-carpet approved.