Pippa Middleton Eats This for Breakfast Every Day

Photo Credits: Neil Mockford / Contributor/ Getty Images

She may be Duchess Kate's little sister, but Pippa Middleton gets her fair share of time in the spotlight. One reason? Her toned physique—we'll never forget the headlines after William and Kate's wedding when Pippa's infamous derrière was the talk of the town (or the world). 

Yes, Pippa clearly has good genes, but diet also plays a key role in her fabulous figure, so of course we want to know what she's eating, and isn't eating. So when the 34-year-old dished to People about her daily breakfast habits, we were all ears. 

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“I always have breakfast. I can’t start the day properly without it,” says Pippa. “My usual breakfast is either plain yogurt with chopped fruit and toasted seeds, oats and nuts, or toasted rye bread with eggs or avocado.” She also recommends bircher muesli with fresh berries on top. “You can even make a batch for the whole week,” she adds.

There's one thing she won't eat though: pancakes with bacon and maple syrup. “That certainly doesn’t do it for me,” Pippa tells i Newspaper

A supporter of the Magic Breakfast campaign, a charity that provides free, healthy breakfasts for children in disadvantaged areas of the U.K., Pippa is surely leading by example with her healthy choices—she's also good inspiration for those looking to follow healthier diets in the new year.