These Two Products Completely Cleared Up a Woman's Skin In Just 5 Days

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Thanks to puberty, everyone has had a blemish at some point in their life. But for people who experience acne as more than just the occasional flare up, imperfect skin can often be a distressing, humiliating and confidence-shattering condition. Because of this, there’s a surplus of acne-busting tips and tricks on the internet, from professional articles to general advice shared on social media.

Now, not all the anti-acne information on the internet is credible, so when we saw the latest blemish-clearing instruction surface on Reddit, we knew we had to double check with a dermatologist to ensure it’s real. The Reddit post in question is a before-and-after photo of a woman who claims her forehead acne cleared up in just five days after only using two products.

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“Crazy forehead congestion went down in literally 5 days [by] using an AHA/BHA Scrub and Blemish Serum from Kalos Skin. Had to share. Halle-freakin-lujah!” says the post by Reddit user aylabeautybreakdown.

[Acne] Crazy forehead congestion went down in literally 5 days using an AHA/BHA Scrub and Blemish Serum from Kalos Skin. Had to share. Halle-freakin-lujah! from SkincareAddiction

According to the thread, the only products used to clear her skin were the Kalos Skin Salvatrix Anti-Blemish Serum ($32) and the Kalos Skin Alpha Lyra AHA/BHA Buffing Cleanser ($29). While both products are natural, the first contains a blend of 2 percent salicylic acid, aloe vera and green tea, while the second product contains glycolic and salicylic acids to dissolve excess oil, bacteria and dead skin cells.

It's obvious that the results are pretty drastic, so we asked New York dermatologist, Erin Gilbert, MD, for her expert opinion on the post: “The salicylic acid combined with soothing ingredients like aloe and almond oil to prevent dryness could absolutely work to clear up acne,” she says. “They would prevent breakouts and reduce irritation and dryness.”

While we can't guarantee that results will happen as fast as this Reddit user's did, the ingredients in these products did get a dermatologist’s stamp of approval, so there’s no harm in giving these acne-clearing products a try.


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