There's an Epic, Once a Year LUSH BOGO Sale Going On Right Now

Just in time to end out 2017 on a high note comes a really amazing buy-one-get-one-free sale from fan-fave LUSH.

The discount includes limited-edition holiday items and gifts, plus year-round regulars (hello, bath bombs!). Some of our can't-miss musts:

Anything lavender. Whether it's a bath bomb or shower gel, LUSH has a way of doing the staple scent with a slightly sweet-sophisticated twist. 

The Rose Jam Shower Gel. So, so good.

Santa's Christmas Shower Cream. The seasonal favorite has a really unique spicy-sweet, cola scent that is the ultimate pick-me-up. 

The super deal is good both in-store and online and don't despair if you see an "out of stock" signal; LUSH says they'll be restocking throughout the sale.

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