This News Changes the Future of How We'll Shop at Target

Target has made some big beauty news this year: From making a commitment to transparency by pulling certain chemicals from its products and making ingredient lists available to shoppers, to revamping the aisles of its beauty department to feel more like an Ulta of sorts, the company is making some really smart moves.

And here's yet another one. Target just announced its acquisition of Shipt, a grocery-delivery startup, which will speed up its rollout of same-day delivery to compete with e-tail giant Amazon.

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The service is currently available in New York City, and will expand into about half of its stores by mid-2018—the remaining stores should follow by the end of the year. And similar to Amazon Prime Now membership fee, there will be a $99/year cost for the service.

Target is launching the program with categories such as household staples, groceries and electronics, but all product types should be available for same-day delivery by the end of 2019.

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“With Shipt’s network of local shoppers and their current market penetration, we will move from days to hours, dramatically accelerating our ability to bring affordable same-day delivery to guests across the country,” John Mulligan, Target’s chief operating officer, said in a statement.

As much as we love strolling through Target aisles, it's pretty much impossible to leave without spending way more than you intended—you probably didn't need those new throw pillows that caught your eye while making your way to the checkout. So maybe this is the solution? We'll have to wait and see. But for now, having all your favorite Target necessities on your doorstep by the time you get home is a pretty exciting thing.

  • Millennial Rule
    Posted on

    Walt Disney actually started this. A name change from customer to guest doesn't change that the "the guest is always right." Target has a saying instead "Just say yes to the guest!" Innovative and modern like Target always has been. If a guest requests something in your home what do you say? YES! The older generation needs to step aside and let go of their backwards thinking. It didn't work then and won't work now.

  • Jaysie
    Posted on

    I detest when retailers call customers "guests." Would you charge a guest in your home for a Coke? Would you charge them for anything they need? This is poppycock and whoever first thought of this re-naming is full of b.s. I prefer to be thought of as a "customer who is always right." That's the golden rule of retailing.

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