Can Somebody Tell Us How Anyone Thought This Tights Ad Was a Good Idea?

Photo Credits: Shutterstock | Image Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

Forget the age-old debate if it's a faux pas to wear tights (once it hits below 30 degrees, does it really matter?), there's now a brand that's showing plus-size tights in a very head-scratching way...and no one is pleased.

As reported on by Yahoo!, clothing company Wish Clothes' ad campaign is generating some serious criticism (and the company has yet to return comments to both Yahoo! and several other outlets) for shots depicting "straight size" models wearing "plus-size" tights—to the tune of the fabric covering up almost their entire bodies or a body in one single leg of the tight. 

In other shots, the fabric is completely stretched out to show how much "room" there is.

Of course, Wish isn't the first brand to fail miserably when it comes to showing size, but what's the point of tights if the aren't, well, tight?