Blake Lively Went Dark and She Looks Totally Different

Updated January 15, 2018

Lively posted her short brunette look in a short Instagram video, showing off a couple angles of the bob.

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Originally published December 4, 2017

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For her new role in thriller The Rhythm Section, out in 2019, actress Blake Lively doesn’t look the same Blake Lively that we all know and love. Her long, blond waves have been replaced with a shaggy dark bob (we’re guessing it’s a wig or hair piece of some sort) that totally transforms her entire appearance.

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The normally fair-skinned beauty looks even paler than usual and her brows are a darker shade than what she often wears, too. In response to the photo Lively posted on Instagram, some of her fans and followers said she resembled French actress Charlotte Gainsbourg.

A definite departure from her typical look, Lively is able to pull it off and looks just as good as ever.