J.Lo’s One Trick for Getting a Better Stomach in Just 2 Weeks

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Jennifer Lopez is known for a lot of things. Not only is she one of the best performers in the world, but she also has one of the best figures. Between her strong legs and killer abs, she is in enviously strong shape.

Her trainer David Kirsch spilled to People the one workout that gives the 48-year-old dancer such a toned stomach–side-plank oblique crunches.

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To start, you get in a side plank with your hips and feet stacked. Then, as your one forearm rests flat on the floor, your other hand goes behind your head. To finish the exercise, you bring the back elbow to your stomach, rotating your torso.

“It’s perfect for when you need to focus on shaping and toning not only the obliques, but also the entire core,” said Kirsch.

The bonus? After just 15 reps on each side three times a week, you’ll start to see seriously toned abs in only two weeks.