The Serum That Grew Olivia Wilde’s Brows Back After '15 Years of Baldness'

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Like most women who have lived through the '90s, Olivia Wilde has some brow regrets.

A quick Google search shows that the actress was, at one point, a fan of super thin arches and she admitted in 2014 that “my eyebrows are so warped form years of abuse. I can’t even brush them up. I spent years trying to look like Kate Moss with wispy thin eyebrows and it was a horrible mistake. Everyone told me not to. I still took them all off. So now we pay.”

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These days, however, Wilde is rocking a set of much fuller, gorgeous brows, and she has the secret to growing them back after “15 years of baldness.” In a recent interview with Into the Gloss, Wilde reveals that she’s been using RevitaBrow, adding that “it’s f--- working. I want to share that small victory.” The self-admitted “eyebrow perfectionist” also uses Marc Jacobs Eyebrow Pencil and Glossier Boy Brow to shape and groom her newly acquired features.

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Wilde’s brow-grower of choice, Revitabrow, is an expert- and consumer- favorite serum that delivers a blend of biotin, botanicals, peptides and vitamins to condition and enhance eyebrows. Although the brand stops short of saying it can actually grow new hair, both endorsements from celebrities like Lena Dunham who called RevitaBrow a “product that did provide real growth” and Reddit users coming through with actual before-and-after photos, show that the serum might actually be holy grail of hair growth.