This $20 'Moisture Mousse' Is the Only Product You Need to Wake Up With Plump Skin

I know I’m not the only one waiting for the day when falling asleep is finally the answer to every problem. While it won’t crack life’s toughest questions, getting a solid night of sleep can fix your pesky skin issues and deliver your best complexion yet if Soap & Glory’s Speed Plump Super Hydrating Overnight Miracle Moisture Mousse ($20) is involved before your head hits the pillow.

All it takes is a small dollop of the whipped and airy formula before bed—“Airmazing Bubble-Boost Technology” creates air-trapping molecules within the mask, creating the unique, bouncy texture—to see major results come morning (think major hydration, brighter tone and less noticeable lines). It feels more like a light moisturizer than a mask, and every time you open the jar and let air in, the self-bubbling mousse regenerates and gets better the more you use it.

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Sporting a unique texture is one thing, but including potent ingredients is a must in any mask that's designed to be left on your skin for hours on end, and this one delivers. Cylindrica root, extracted from a resilient desert plant that clings onto water in the harshest conditions, is a main ingredient, as is a blend of high and low molecular hyaluronic acid to attract and retain moisture for a plumped-up dew that lasts.

High-powered ingredients in a lightweight mask that delivers a supermodel glow overnight (while smelling like candy), all for $20? We’ll take 10.