This Instagram Account Takes Ingrown Hair Removal to Another Level

Photo Credits: ShutterStock

If you thought Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos were squeamish (although plenty of people find them fascinating and satisfying), wait until you lay eyes on Tweezist, an Instagram account brimming with videos of ingrown hairs being removed.

Shot up-close, the majority of these stomach-turning posts show tiny hairs pulled out from under the skin with a pair of tweezers. While we don’t recommend doing this at home if you do get an ingrown hair, it’s best to have it professionally extracted so you don’t spread any infection that may be present, as well as scar your skin.

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Common in both men and women and anywhere on the body where hair is removed, be it from waxing, shaving or threading, ingrown hairs are nothing more than hairs that grow back into the skin instead of out of the follicle. Ingrowns can not only look bad, but they can hurt, too, and often leave skin red and inflamed.

Thanks to Tweezit, there’s now another way to get your daily fix of watching something being removed from someone else’s skin.

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