At This New Drybar Concept Store, a Hairstyle Is Only $20

Good-hair pioneer Drybar—"no cuts, no color"—is switching things up again when it comes to the almighty blowout; this time, giving the dry styling–only concept a try.

The "no water" model opened yesterday in the Bethesda, MD, store (the location has full styling as well) according to WWD. For $20—significantly cheaper than the regular $45 blowout—you can walk in and get your hair styled, but you won't get it washed. Braids start at $10 and a ponytail is $15.

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The new concept also showcases the brand's product line, which is presented in a way that "encourages customers to play." 

“The fundamental tenant of this is to have a very close experience with our products,” Drybar chief executive officer John Heffner told WWD. “You can experiment with the entirety of our 40-product line, either on your own or with the help of an expertly trained Drybar stylist in the store.”

Currently, the dry-styling model is only being tested at the Bethesda store; if successful, Drybar plans to roll out additional locations. See the full menu below: