This Is the Real Secret Behind Kate Winslet's Awesome Body

Photo Credits: Getty Images

Actress Kate Winslet is no stranger to embracing her curves. Well-known for promoting a healthy outlook on her body and body image, the 41-year-old actress recently admitted that she hasn't stepped on a scale in 12 years.

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On the Tonight Show, Winslet was talking with host Jimmy Fallon about a stunt in her upcoming film, The Mountain Between Us, and how costar Idris Elba had to physically drag her out of a stream. Winslet went on to say that she felt bad for Elba because she has no idea how much she weighs. 

Claiming it as a, "top top, it is a great move," Winslet must be doing something right—we're guessing she eats pretty healthy, too—because whatever it is (including avoiding the scale) she looks great!