Negative Space Brows Could be the Most Bizarre Trend We’ve Seen Yet

If you’re familiar with negative space eye makeup, the latest brow trend to sweep social media (yes, another) may not seem as far out to you, but don’t get us wrong—there’s nothing traditional about the craze. Unlike their braided and wavy counterparts, these brows aren’t after being heavily filled in or dark. Instead, it’s quite the opposite. Here, blank space takes center stage and makes just as big of an impact.

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A post shared by KΛPΛSOVIΛ (@kapasovia) on

A post shared by KΛPΛSOVIΛ (@kapasovia) on

As Popsugar reports, Instagram artist Kapasovia is heading up the newest trend on Instagram with her jaw-dropping posts that have everyone wondering how to recreate them. In her photo, it appears her brows were totally shaved, but she could have taped or glued them down before matching them to her skin tone with a heavy-duty concealer (a more realistic scenario, especially if you were to try the trend yourself).

To create the illusion of an eyebrow, Kapasovia used Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade ($18) for the sharp outlines and Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics ($54) for the contrasting shadows. We're writing this trend off as one we would rather stare at than sport, but there's no denying the incredible talent behind the masterpiece.