This Mom’s In-Shower Mistake Is a Reminder to Always Check Your Product Labels

Photo Credits: Getty Images | Model Used for Illustrative Purpose Only

Rose gold, pink champagne, “blorange”—no matter what you call it, pink hair is trending. But regardless of how many hashtags a hair color has under its Instagram belt, looking in the mirror to see a head of hair that’s completely transformed into a different color without signing off on the change is a feeling we’d prefer to never experience. However, a U. K. mom wasn’t so lucky when her relaxing bubble bath turned into quite the surprise.

While proceeding to wash her hair in the shower, 44-year-old Kerrie Henderson absentmindedly grabbed her 24-year-old’s bottle of conditioner, which she was using to house red hair dye, instead of her own routine conditioner. "I knew the bath water had a red cast to it, but I thought it was just from the bubble bath I had used,” Henderson tells The Sun, explaining that she did not realize that her light blond locks had taken on a new, bright-pink shade until her six-year-old daughter pointed it out to her after the fact.

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As you would expect of a shoddily done dye job (she thought it was conditioner, after all), Henderson’s hair was a patchy mixture of blond and pink—you can view the images here—and she rightfully blames her daughter, who sports a vivid fuchsia look, for the mishap. To cover up the patches, Henderson decided to box-dye her hair purple until her blond hair grows back in, which she’s been trying to do for close to a year now with no luck. “I love having blond hair, but that's not going to happen for a while now.”

The bottom line: always read your labels and never keep hair dye in the shower—ever.